Table for Two

7 Aug

I have never been married, which is why, I suppose, that I work so hard to find something unique or home made to give couples that are near and dear to my heart and will appreciate the effort I put into making something specifically for them.
A little over a year ago I decided to make a set of cloth napkins for each month of the year for my two dear friends whom I helped to introduce.  Sadly I don’t have photos of that first set, but my oldest friend in the world (since age 4 perhaps) J was married just a few months later to a dashing fellow and I wanted something just as personal for them.  I spent hours picking out fabric at a fabric warehouse and many more hours cutting the napkins.  Luckily enough I was gifted with a Serger so instead of hemming each edge I serged them.  My intent was for them to be every day napkins- in fact it was at my friend J’s house that I learned that cloth napkins could be used for everyday- not just special occasions.  Clearly these aren’t for everyone, but they are a great “green” gift for those that would appreciate cloth napkins.

Unfortunately, I don’t have detailed step-by-step photos of how I made them, but they are fairly simple so I’ll quickly walk you through it.  I was able to get four napkins from every yard.   I like big napkins (and I can not lie- couldn’t help myself with that Sir Mixalot reference!) that cover my lap so I tried to make the most out of every yard of fabric. I serged the edges, but if you were making fewer napkins or had much more time on your hands you could hem them as well.

I tied each pack of napkins (some with four, some with six, some with eight) with some cheap $1 ribbon I keep on hand. I also made a little card denoting each month with a little description or poem of why I chose each fabric and attached it with the ribbon.

Some months I went with the obvious holidays, but for others I had to get creative or found a way to use fabrics I fell in love with or  seemed to suit them as individuals or as a couple.

January – New year, new travels! They have traveled already together and have plans for more travel ahead- the flags of many of those countries
February – Valentines Day- this fabric is pink and has a travel theme as well.
March – green floral for St. Patrick’s Day
April – April Showers.. (blue with raindrops)
May – bring May flowers
June – J and I played Batman all summer long as kids!
July – Red ants on blue fabric – perfect for picnics and the 4th of July
August- Sunflowers- they were everywhere at this time of year in North Dakota where we grew up!
September – Pencils for back to school (both of them have graduate degrees and she now has a lovely step-daughter in school)
October – Frankenstein fun!
November- leaves for Thanksgiving and autumn
December – peace, joy, and love for Christmas

Bonus- Trees for J’s hubby, B, as he is a forester
Birthday cupcakes for birthday celebrations!

I packaged them in a box I found at the Salvation Army Thrift store which sells Target samples. This bee hive box was pretty, but also functional if they wanted to store them inside or find another use for it down line.

How about you? Do you have a favorite home made wedding gift you give to the couples in your life? If you could choose a fabric to use everyday, what would it be?  I’ve been mooning over this lovely bike themed fabric for ages called Commute from Birch.


2 Responses to “Table for Two”

  1. Nikki Berg Burin August 7, 2012 at 10:16 pm #

    We use our lovely napkins everyday! Such a great gift, Tashia!


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