A Sham Shame…

23 Aug

After spending countless hours looking at home/design/diy blogs over the past couple of years, I realized that I was really lacking in the decorative bed pillow category.  I’d had this duvet cover for a number of years, but I decided it was still functional and I didn’t want to drop a ton of money on new bedding.  Plus, I’d been craving a return to the sewing machine, so I figured an easy pillow sham would be a good starter project since it’s been years since I’ve done any major sewing.

I brought my duvet cover and one piece of an artwork grouping on my search for fabric.  Tashia helped me pick these two fabrics for the main pillow shams and an accent.  Done and done.

Fast forward about 9 months….this project (like many of my grand ideas) evidently required a full gestational period.  I finally got around to tackling the two main shams.  I had an envelope style (red & white) Euro-sham that I modeled for my pattern.  I pinned and cut the fabric with a 1/2″ seam allowance.

I sewed the first side of the “envelope” and then realized that I didn’t have quite enough fabric for the last half of the envelope on the back side of the sham.  OOPS!  That’s what I get for winging it! I was off to the fabric store with my 9 month old fabric…and alas, they no longer carried it.  AAAARGH!  I went for a lime green that matched the little dot in the middle.  Hey, color blocking is way on trend, right?!  Oops averted…that is until I sewed it on incorrectly.  Oops again.  The green color block was supposed to be on the outside…my patience was waning at this  point, so I just decided to go with it.  Who looks at the back of a pillow anyway?! Sigh.

Well,  I had finally completed my first sewing project in years, and thought it looked pretty good on the bed when I got home.  I put off taking the “after” picture…this blog was just a mere twinkle in our eyes at that point.

Fast forward about 5 days later…when my duvet cover fell victim to a middle of the night cover stealing match.  My husband gave a rather unsportsmanlike yank to the covers, causing the duvet cover to rip in several directions down the middle.  So maybe it was a bit past it’s prime after all…All I could think of was my poor shams that I had so diligently worked to match that darn thing. Grrrr.  I was so disappointed that I threw out that duvet cover immediately the next day. It was too late before I realized I never got an appropriate AFTER picture with the duvet.

Here it is with some neutral white bedding in the meantime. Not convinced that this will be my end-all be-all, but I think I’ll go ahead and make the accent pillows anyway.  I figure they still go with my artwork!


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