The Painted Headboard

28 Aug

I was looking for a headboard on Craigslist – something cheap that I could either refinish, paint, or upholster.  I swear I wasn’t even searching the free section, but I came across a headboard listed for free, and it seemed like just the ticket.  The finish was a bit scratched up, but really not bad.  My plan was to paint the headboard to match the nightstands I had redone. See that post here.

I started by sanding it down with my orbital sander to smooth out the scratches.  I didn’t sand the entire finish off, but just gave it a quick once over before priming and painting.

When painting furniture, I prefer to use small foam rollers rather than a traditional paint brush.  This helps put on a light even coat without leaving any brush strokes behind, and helps avoid leaving too much paint on the piece, which can pool and drip and not look so pretty.

I wiped down the sanded headboard to remove any excess debris, and started priming with the foam roller. One light coat of primer is all you need for the paint to adhere.

Once the primer was dry, I started painting.  I used the same black/brown paint that I had used on the nightstands.  I used the foam roller to paint the entire piece, and used a small foam brush to fill in corners and crevices.

Two coats of paint later, I had an updated headboard to match my nightstands!

I still have a lot to do to finish this room.  Stay tuned for future updates!


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