Chunky Knit Cowl

20 Sep

Ok. It seems I’m into cowls. After I completed my infinity scarf last week, I went ahead and knit a fun cowl this week.  And I have yet another version of a cowl on another set of needles that I’ve been stitching here and there since spring. I may need an intervention!  But hey, we have a number of cowl friendly months ahead.  Because it uses chunky yarn and large needles, this was a quick and easy knit, and I learned some new knitty things as well.  This would be a great beginner’s project or quick knit gift idea when you are in a pinch. I probably logged about 3-4 hours from start to finish.

I used this free pattern that I found on Ravelry – If you are a knitter or crocheter, and you haven’t checked out Ravelry, get over there now! Membership is free and it is nothing short of awesome!  I used Lion Brand HomeSpun chunky yarn and size 15 needles. The pattern called for size 17 needles, but I figured 15 would be good enough…if you haven’t noticed yet, that’s usually the way I roll.

This pattern calls for a provisional cast on – this was a new concept for me.  It basically has you cast on using scrap yarn, and then you start knitting with your project yarn.  This allows for you to remove the scrap yarn at the end, and stitch the edges together to close the cowl into a seamless circle or round.  I found this video to be very easy to grasp the provisional cast on instructions.  This was such a nice cast on, that I might consider using it as a regular cast on in the future. Here you can see my purple scrap yarn as a temporary edge:

Once I finished knitting the piece, I pulled out the purple scrap yarn, and thread the loops back onto my needle.

With my two edges back on needles, I used kitchener stitch to graft the two edges together with my yarn needle.

When complete, you really can’t even tell what was once the beginning or end. Magic!

The coolest thing about this cowl, is that it can be worn in several different ways.   I tried hooded, scrunched, cowl necked, turtle necked, and around the shoulders.

I’m sure one could think of more ways!


3 Responses to “Chunky Knit Cowl”

  1. Tashia September 20, 2012 at 3:10 pm #

    Is this the yarn you bought in Big Sky? It looks great, Gina!

    • thecrafterymn September 20, 2012 at 3:52 pm #

      Thanks! Nope, this is inexpensive yarn from Joann’s. The Big Sky yarn is still on my other needles…a bit more intricate of a pattern that I haven’t touched in a long time. I’ve got to get that one done! It’s soft and gorgeous, but the project is not so quick!!

  2. Angela G September 21, 2012 at 10:25 am #

    This is super cute! I wish I could knit. I tried several years back and got half of a scarf knitted but then I could not figure out how to get the next skein of yarn connected so I just stopped and it still sits in my closet half finished.

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