Got Yarn?

25 Sep

I have pretty strict rules when it comes to buying yarn.  In other words, I don’t want to become the lady that lives in her shoes yarn stash.  My main rule is that I can’t buy yarn unless I know exactly what project it will be used for, and what size needle, yarn weight, and yardage is needed.  I’m pretty good at adhering to this, but even so, left over yarn still piles up.

I’ve been trying to find some fun projects to use up some of my stash and have a few planned, so this is the first edition of a series called “Got Yarn?”.   My first project is a quick and easy one -based on some fun earring ideas I’d spotted on Pinterest.  Okay, so this project isn’t going to really use up very much yarn, but the best part is that I was able to make these earrings using things I already had on hand.

I started with a pair of paper clips and opened them into triangles.

I took some turquise yarn from my stash, and wrapped the entire paper clip with the yarn.

I then criss crossed the yarn across the width of the triangle to create a graphic pattern.  Once complete, I glued the edge of the yarn in place.  I had a number of earring hooks from a previous earring project that I was able to use. I simply pried open and crimped the earring hook around the top corner of the triangle.

Check out the finished look:

This was so quick and easy that I decided to try another way to make this earring. This time, I took some jewelry wire I had in my small collection of jewelry supplies and cut two pieces of equal length.

I wrapped each wire and then shaped them into tear drop style earrings.  Because of the thick top joint, I used a larger jump ring to connect the tear drop to the earring hook.

I think I like this one even better!

If you’ve got even the smallest bit of yarn, string, or thread lying around, it would be easy to whip something like this up.  And don’t forget to check your earring collection, you could use some earring hooks from an old pair of earrings you don’t wear anymore.


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