Ski – u- mah!

2 Oct

If anything, writing posts for this blog has me completing projects for which I have been dreaming  for years. Such is the case for the shotski.  I had seen a shotski years ago when my childhood next door neighbor made one for his sister’s wedding festivities.  Since that time I had picked up not one, but TWO sets of old cross country skis for this project. One set I bought for $5 and the other I picked up for free at a garage sale.  First I removed the hardware with the help of my godson.

Next I sanded down both the top and bottom of the skis with some medium grit sandpaper and then wiped off the dust with a rag.  To note- one set of skis still had a horrible old wax on the bottom.  I used a stiff putty knife to scrape this off before sanding and painting.

Then I spray painted the tops of the skis lightly with a coat of paint.  I waited fifteen minutes between coats or until they were no longer tacky and gave them between three and four coats of paint. I let the skis dry, then flipped over the skis and painted the bottoms of the skis as well. Two cans of spray paint cost me $8.00

When the ski was dry I spaced out the five POKAL shot glasses I had purchased from IKEA for $3.00.  To adhere them to the ski, but still allow for them to be removed for easy cleaning I adhered them to the ski with velcro.  With the first ski I found the velcro stuck very well to both the shot glasses and the ski.  With the second shotski I have since made I used gorilla glue to adhere to the shotski as the adhesive alone was not strong enough to hold on the shotglass.  Make sure to give the glue time to dry if you need to employ this method for adhesion!

To decorate the shotski I purchased a sticker at the U of M bookstore and used a simple paper cutter to cut it down to size.

For the bottom side of the ski I placed the U of M chant Ski-U-Mah as requested by the friend for whom I was making the shotski.  Many months before I had ordered a multi-color pack of vinyl adhesive on Amazon with hopes of using this for a project.  Using my cricut I typed in the words Ski u mah and the Cricut cut the vinyl simply and easily and it adhered to the bottom of the ski without needing any additional adhesive.

Here are the gopher fans in full gear with their new shotski ready to tailgate.

Just a week later I made an NDSU version of the shotski for a silent auction in my hometown.  The shotski raked in $80 for the community theater.


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