Got Yarn? 2.0: Yarn Wreath

4 Oct

This series is about finding ways to bust through my yarn stash.  I’ve seen yarn wreaths on Etsy and Pinterest, and thought it would be a fun project. My bare front door needed a little something for the autumn season, and I knew that this would use up a good portion of left over yarn.  This seemed to be the perfect project!

When I got to the store, I wasn’t exactly sure what size wreath would look right on my door, so I picked up two different sizes and styles to make the decision at home.

The straw form is 18″ and a bit bulkier.  Price was $5.99

The foam form was 12″ and priced at $6.99

I decided bigger was better, so went with the straw form.  I had also picked up some felt in fall colors, with the plan to embellish the wreath with some felt flowers or fall leaves.  The next step was to go through my stash.  I pulled mostly neutral colors that would go with the autumn colors, and decided to line them up against the front door to see what spoke to me.

I thought the white/cream one popped the most, and also had an idea to make the embellishment interchangeable for other seasons/holidays, so white would probably be the most versatile for year-round use.  One final look at everything together and I was ready to get going!

I started wrapping the yarn around the wreath and was really wishing that this yarn was thicker, which would require less time and yarn, so I went back to my stash and tried out other thicker yarns, but just didn’t like the look as much.  I briefly considered going out and buying some thicker yarn, but quickly realized that would really defeat the purpose of busting through my stash.  So onward I went.

I have to admit it was kind of awkward trying to wrap yarn around a wreath. Not very swift or graceful, by any means. I quickly found that the best strategy was to pin the wreath between my knees, so I could do a double hand pass of the yarn back and forth around the wreath form.  I also quickly realized that entertainment would be needed to complete this project, so I moved to the family room to stream a couple episodes of The Wonder Years, while I assumed the yarn wrapping position.  Who doesn’t love a good Kevin Arnold flashback?

My optimism failed me (yet again), as I came to the end of the skein of yarn, and hadn’t even gotten half way around the wreath. I knew I could move to a second skein of the same brand yarn that was a light beige. Maybe a monochromatic look would give it a little more interest.  And busting through two skeins of stashed yarn wouldn’t be such a bad thing. I crossed my fingers and went for it, knowing very well that the second skein would probably not make it the whole way around. By the time I got through the second skein, I still had about a quarter of the wreath left to cover, so I moved on to the next closest weight and neutral colored yarn, which was a darker brown. Even though it would be a pretty dark color, I decided I would probably cover this section with the felt embellishment.

The next step was to create the felt flowers for a fall embellishment.  I picked up a few sheets of felt for $0.34 each in fall colors.  To make the flowers I cut out circles from the felt by tracing different sizes of  circular items: a cd, tupperware lid, and a water glass.  I then cut the circles into spirals and rolled them into flowers.  To complete the flower, I used a glue gun to glue the end into place.

I also played around with adding different shape and texture by cutting rounded petals into the circle before rolling up the flower.

The last texture I tried was by cutting small triangles around the edge of the circle.  This made the most texture.

I finished creating the flowers out of the red, brown, beige, and yellow sheets of felt.  In the end I chose not to add the yellow flowers to the grouping.  To put the flowers together, I traced the shape of the brown section of the wreath onto another sheet of felt, and glued the base of each flower onto the large piece of felt using my glue gun.

Once the glue was dry, I trimmed the base piece of felt so the edges wouldn’t show.  When I placed it on the wreath, I noticed the flowers gapped away from each other, exposing the base felt, and just looked a bit messy.  To remedy this, I used the glue gun to glue the flowers together on the sides where they made contact.

As I mentioned earlier, I decided to make the  embellishment removable, so I could use the wreath for other seasons.  My original idea was to create felt straps with velcro to wrap around the back side of the wreath to hold the flowers in place.  I didn’t have much of the brown felt left over, so I decided to try using the brown yarn to fasten it to the wreath.  This would be pretty camouflaged, and easy to remove for a seasonal change-out.

I took my yarn needle and wove the yarn through the underside of the flowers in four different places, while wrapping the yarn around the wreath.

I wove the ends through the back to meet and did a double bow knot to make it obvious where to safely remove the yarn when I’m ready to change it out.

I used some brown ribbon that I had on hand for hanging the wreath.  All in all, I successfully used up 2 1/2 extra skeins of yarn that were taking up space, and I only spent about $8 on the project. A win, win!

Here is the grand finale on my front door!


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