Just Bead It!

16 Oct

I don’t have a whole lot of experience making jewelry, but I had spotted this sweet necklace on pinterest a long time ago, with the hopes that I would some day try it out.

I had also noticed a longer ombre version of a braided bead necklace at a clothing store that I decided to model my necklace after.  I started by gathering the bead supplies I needed.

  • Beads – I chose size 11 beads
  • Beading needle
  • Jump rings – I had on hand
  • Crimps – to connect the wire to the jump rings
  • Soft Touch beading wire – I cut 6 pieces of wire, as shown.

I started by attaching the wire to the jump ring, by using a crimp.  As you can see, I looped the wire through the jump ring, and back through the crimp. I then used a flat nosed pliers to squeeze the crimp shut to hold the wire in place.


You can bead right over the extra end of the wire.  Once done beading each wire, I did the same crimp technique on the other end of the wire by feeding the end of the wire back through at least three beads, and squeezing the crimp into place.

After I was done beading all 6 wires, I admired my pretty strands.  I thought I may even make a simple multi-strand necklace like this after completing the braided look.

To begin braiding, I removed the jump ring on one end, and started to braid the three sections of 2 wires.  I pinned the top to the couch I was sitting on, so I could hold it taut.  It was looking fabulous, at first…

Once I braided about half way down, I noticed that the strands of beads were getting really tight, and were harder to braid.  It looked so nice at the top, but not so great at the bottom.  It was getting so tight and unruly, that I was afraid the beads might burst under all of the pressure, so I quickly undid the braid.   I decided this may turn into the simple multi-strand necklace, after all.  I definitely needed to do some trouble shooting on the braided version.

To complete the simplified necklace, I added a connecting chain to both jump rings.

I could have added a clasp in the middle of the chain, but decided I probably wouldn’t adjust the length at all, so I kept it simple and left the chain as is. Here’s the final product.

So, for any of you experienced beaders out there – what would you suggest to complete a braided version? Different stringing material? Looser bead distribution?  Shorter necklace?  Looser braiding technique?  It’s something I’ll definitely play around with and will hopefully have the braided version mastered for a future blog post!


2 Responses to “Just Bead It!”

  1. Angela G October 17, 2012 at 5:28 pm #

    The necklace looks beautiful, braided or not! I love it! Nice work!


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