Autumn Leaves

18 Oct

At this time of year, I usually find myself looking for that perfect autumn leaf in my yard to preserve in some way or fashion. I have to admit, I’ve pressed many a leaves over the years, but rarely end up doing anything with them.  This year, I made a point to actually do something with at least one!

To press leaves, I layer them in between newspaper, and then stack some heavy books on top.  I typically leave them to press for at least a week.


I went through a stack of frames I had, and found a small glass backed frame that I thought would be perfect for framing one of the leaves.

I cleaned up the glass, and centered the leaf inside the frame.  The beauty of placing things between glass, is there is really no need for any  kind of adhesive. The tight fit of the glass together holds things in place with no issue.  I fastened the back on the frame.

This is a quick and simple low cost way to use some of your leaves.  Of course, a backed frame will work just as well with some pretty paper or piece of fabric for the back ground.

Happy Autumn!


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