Toddler Hat

23 Oct

Crocheting has become one of those things that is nearly mindless for me. I can sit in the car and crochet as a passenger and it allows me to (1) let my creative energy out (2) get a project done! and (3) still converse with whomever might be driving.
This project was a hat I started last January and never got around to finishing. I used some left over yarn from an adult hat I had made.  The thing about my crocheting is that I rarely use a pattern. I tend to stick to just a few stitches to make baby hats typically using the simple single crochet stitch.  On this one I branched out to what I thoughts was a double crochet stitch.  You can find a great tutorial for that here, While I am more about trial and error this appears to be a great basic double stitch crochet hat pattern tutorial. I adapted mine using a size S-35 hook and extra bulky yarn.  The good news about using yarn like this is that hats go together quite quickly.

To add a little flair I played around with some extra brown I had left over from another project. I  made this flower by chaining four or five and connecting the chain for a circle. I then completed two single stitches for every chain increasing my circle. To create the flower petals I chained four or five again and then reattached to the center after skipping one stitch creating flower loops. I then attached the flower to the hat by stitching it in with extra brown yarn.

This is one of those examples of when your completed project might not be quite what you hoped.  I think the flower is a bit too big for the hat, but it is hard to tell when my hand is wearing it!

Here is another view.

I think I need to find a little sprite to try it on just to be sure, but the flower doesn’t appear to be the right scale for the hat.  Do you agree?


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