No-Sew Napkin Pillows

30 Oct

I just got some long awaited new furniture for my living room (woohoo!!) and wanted to add some fun pillows to the room.   Is it just me, or do throw pillows seem overly expensive?  They are pretty, but I just don’t want to spend that much money on them.  I decided to try a couple different DIY pillow covers.   To start, I made napkin pillows.  I have seen these in the blog-o-sphere and thought it seemed easy enough to try.

Since not everyone has a sewing machine on hand, I thought it would be fun to demonstrate an easy no-sew option.

What you need:

  • 2 Cloth Napkins per pillow
  • Fusible Bonding Web  – I found it at Joann Fabrics for $3.99 (see picture below)
  • Iron
  • Damp Cloth

I found some 20″ cloth napkins at World Market for $3.99 each.

I wanted to make these easily changeable, so I cut one of the napkins in half in order to make an envelope style back to the pillow.

To assemble the pillows, I placed the full napkin face side up, and cut a piece of the bonding web to fit across the top of the napkin.

Then I placed one of the back halves face side down on top of the full napkin and bonding web. I made sure I had the original finished seam in the middle of the pillow, since that is where the envelope finish will be.  I followed the instructions on the fusible bonding web, which was to place the bonding web between the fabric layers, cover with a damp cloth, and then press on each side for 10 seconds with steam iron set to “wool”.  This fusible bonding web could come in handy to do any quick trimming or hemming around the house.

I did this on all four sides of the napkin, with the envelope back pieces overlapped.  With the overlapping, you can see I had a couple extra inches of the full sized napkin.

After the fabric cooled and was bonded, I cut this extra piece away.

I flipped my new pillow cover right side out, and inserted an 18 inch pillow form I had for some holiday pillows that I only use at Christmas time.

I am pretty pleased with the outcome.  And $8 per pillow makes me happy!


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