Double Layer Receiving Blanket

1 Nov

As I’ve mentioned in this blog before, many of my friends have babies.  This double sided receiving blanket has become my go-to gift along with the personalized onesies I wrote about in this post.  In those photos you could see this baby blanket project accompanying the onesies.

What I love about this project is that it allows you to play with color and find the right fabric for the friends or baby at hand.  And I absolutely love that for one of my friend’s kiddos the blanket he received from me is HIS BLANKET. As in that blanket goes to bed with him every night and is dragged here there and everywhere and has apparently has had many a repair.  That particular flannel blanket had a crazy mix of puzzle pieces and baseballs on it- perfect for this particular baby’s baseball loving parents.

Sometimes I make the blankets square, but most often I buy two yards of corresponding fabric and go with it. Sometimes I’ll buy an extra quarter yard to make matching burp rags or an appliqued onesie, but for the blanket alone I purchase two, one yard pieces of flannel.  Flannel typically costs (at regular price) between $6 and $12 a yard.  I wait for sales at Jo-Ann Fabrics to buy the majority of my flannel.  For those of you looking a head a few weeks, the mega flannel sale at Jo-Ann fabrics is the day after Thanksgiving. This is when the price drops to $2 to $3 a yard.  Last year I spent TWO  AND A HALF HOURS waiting for them to cut my fabric. So long that I found a nice little corner and settled in to work on a one of the pumpkin hats I make mentioned in this post.  Yes, my cart was so full of flannel I stacked it on the bottom.

Let’s get to the details. Using a cutting matte and rotary cutter, I make sure that the fabric is cut as square as possible and that both pieces match up.  Despite the fact that I have purchased a yard of both they might be different widths of fabric so I’ll make sure to square them up and make them the same size-depending on what the width of the fabric was 36″ by 45″ or 36″ by 54″, etc.

I then pin them together with the RIGHT side of the fabric facing in and towards each other.  I leave an opening twelve to eighteen inches where I don’t pin.  At the last pin I double pin it to remind myself that I’ll need to stop at this point.

I then sew around the perimeter of the blanket save the eighteen inches mentioned above.  I typically sew a 1/2 seam along the edge to make sure I’ve caught both sides of fabric in my seam.  At the corners I put my needle down then turn for a tight 90 degree turn.

When I’ve sewn 3 and 3/4 sides of the blanket I then trim the corners and turn the blanket using a scissor to carefully poke the corners out.

It is easiest then, to lightly press the edges of your seams down making sure that the fabric isn’t folded over too far and the seam is at the edge.  Turn in the remaining 12 to 18 inches of fabric that is not sewn and carefully press down and pin so that this section appears to have the same size seam as the other that was previously sewn. I use this opportunity to add a little personalized “Made by Tashia” tag to the blankets.

I then stitch around the entire blanket, beginning with the area that is pinned.  I keep this stitch fairly close to the edge leaving only the distance between the needle and the edge of the foot as the distance from the edge.

These blankets are great gifts on their own or paired with the applique onesie found in this post.

What about you? Have you braved the Black Friday sales at Jo-Ann to score some flannel?  Despite having a stash from last Thanksgiving I did go to Jo-Ann this week to buy specific flannel for a friend whose baby-shower I’m hosting this weekend and paid FULL PRICE on most of it because it was absolutely perfect for them.  If you follow The Craftery MN on facebook, I’ll try to post an updated photo of those blankets when I finish them. Happy November!


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