Meeting my Blog Idols

15 Nov

Tomorrow, I promise a blog post on crafts – a holiday ornament in fact! Today I recount the FOUR HOURS I stood in line to get a chance to meet John and Sherry Petersik of the blog Young House Love.  What a line it was: Delicious cookies and hot chocolate from the local Common Roots cafe, and lots of Young House Love crafty fans!  The folks in line were 95% female with a few men thrown into the mix.  The majority were there to support wives/girlfriends (like patient Fred who accompanied me), but ahead of me was an unsuspecting gentleman who stood in line for his sister because she really wanted the book.  I don’t think he, or any one of us who arrived at 5:30 for a 6:00 event, thought we’d stand in line that long, but once we committed we weren’t willing to walk away!  Here we are at about 7:45 pm. I originally stepped into line on the opposite side of the building of this photo. Two hours into the wait we could at least see the West Elm sign!

Sherry and John took time to talk to each of us and take photos and personally put a message in the book.  Quite the experience.  They were down to earth and friendly even after three and a half hours of talking to strangers and being nice. Here is my long awaited photo! Thanks for visiting us in Minneapolis John and Sherry!


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