Anniversary Ornament

16 Nov

I know, I know, posting holiday ornaments in the middle of November doesn’t seem quite right, but this is actually a Happy Anniversary Ornament!  My dear friend J married B a year ago.  Their first anniversary was just last week so this is a Happy Anniversary gift for them.  I’ve had their wedding invitation hanging around for a while knowing I wanted to do something for them with it. This example of an ornament I found on pinterest had me digging in my craft supplies for the glass bulbs I knew I still had from a failed ornament project of long ago!

Joayne and Ben’s invites were a bright burst of color.

I pulled them apart and cut out their names, wedding location and other important details that were all included in the wedding invite.  I then cut the paper into pieces that would easily fit into the clear glass globe I had left over from another project. I was using card stock which wouldn’t curl easily like the Pinterest example above, so I left it in straight small pieces.

I soon realized that the pieces of color were too big and weren’t highlighting the special words I cut out of their invitation to show.  So I cut the colored pieces into confetti.

And this seemed to do the trick. Here is the final product. Happy Anniversary J & B!


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