Snowflake Washcloth

29 Nov

For over a year I’ve had a ball of lime green cotton “Sugar ‘n Cream” yarn in my crochet bag.  This weekend I finally made use of it.  After searching online for a free pattern I stumbled upon this one, called the Cream Circle, but I think it looks like a bit like a snowflake of sorts when complete. (You will have to join Lion Brand Yarns site to be able to view this, but it is a free membership). This is designated an Easy Plus pattern and I would agree although somewhere around my third or fourth ripping out of stitches on Friday I might have disagreed with you. 🙂 ALWAYS keep a reference guide for crochet abbreviations handy.  When I went searching for my problem I discovered instead of stitching a new round in the space between stitches I had been stitching in the stitch itself.  Big Difference!  With that modification the remainder of the snowflake came together quickly. Here is the final project.  I think this project could be completed in well under an hour.

I think you could probably make three washcloths with one ball of yarn. At $1.99 regular price at Michaels (4 for $6.00 this week!) it makes a fairly inexpensive holiday gift.  To note- this pattern called for nine rounds, but I cut it back to six rounds plus the scalloped edge as I thought it was big enough and I don’t like unwieldy washcloths.

Don’t they look bright and festive on the fresh snow that covered the ground this past holiday weekend in Duluth?  They would be a perfect stocking stuffer when paired with a handmade soap or even some lovely smelling handsoap.


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