Yarn Wreath: Christmas Edition

4 Dec

Back in October, I created this yarn wreath with a removable autumn flower embellishment.  My intention was to be able to change it up for different seasons, so I decided to tackle a Christmas version.  Like the autumn version, I used felt to create flowers, but this time a poinsettia  flower.  I had some red scraps from the autumn project, and also picked up some additional red and green felt to complete the project.

To craft the poinsettias, I cut the felt into long strips of varying sizes, and  cut the strips down to rectangles.  I then trimmed one side of the rectangle to make a petal shape.


Using a needle and thread, I did a simple stitch across the bottom of 5 petals lined up in a row. 


To cinch the petals into a flower, I stitched back through the first petal and pulled the thread tight. 


This created a sweet five petal flower with some nice dimension.  To secure the flower, I stitched again through the center of the petals and then knotted the thread.


Like the autumn wreath, I cut a base section of felt  and started glueing the poinsettias into place.


I also cut some green leaves and glued them into place to accent the flowers.  


To attach the flower piece to the wreath, I used the same method I did for the autumn wreath – I fastened the piece into place by weaving a piece of yarn through the flowers and around the wreath in about four different places, and tied it in the back.  This made for a very easy way to remove the other piece.  You can see this in more detail here, along with how I created the yarn wreath.  Other options could be to add snaps or velcro.

Here is the completed Christmas wreath.



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