Holiday Card Display

11 Dec

Are all those holiday cards piling up on your kitchen counter looking for the perfect place to be displayed?  I’ve created a very easy and inexpensive card display that has been a great addition to our holiday decor.

All you need is:

  • Ribbon, string, or yarn
  • Clothes pins, paper clips, or binder clips
  • Painters tape, poster putty, or command hooks


I display our cards on an interior door that’s located in the middle of all the action in our house. It’s the door to the stairway leading to our second floor, and it’s located in an open area between our kitchen and living room.  I hang 2 or 3 lengths of ribbon down the front of the door, and then simply clip the cards to the ribbon with small decorative clothes pins as they come in the mail.  You could also easily use some simple string or yarn instead of ribbon.

In the past, I’ve just used painter’s tape on the back of the door to secure the ribbon.  But this year, I decided to try using removable command hooks on the top part of the  back side of the door.  I started by putting the command hooks upside down, and tying the ribbon to each hook.  The ribbon then wraps around the full front of the door, and I still used some trusty painters tape to secure the bottom.



That’s it, the 2 minute card display!

Back Camera

Do you have a fun and easy way to display your cards? Please share!


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