Personalized Holiday Gift Basket

13 Dec

Each year I try to come up with some quick gifts to share with neighbors and family alike.  Today’s post has a few elements to it, but all were completed in less than an hour and within that hour you could have completed ten or twenty as easily as one!

I found metal baskets in the Dollar Section at Target in green, red and brown. They were originally $2.50 each, but were 50% off at Thanksgiving.  I bought twenty to use for holiday gifts and upcoming weddings.  My intent was to put a monogram on the front of the metal basket to personalize each one for the family or individual to whom I was giving them.

I tried a variety of colors with the red, settling on a vibrant green.


I then used my cricut to cut out the letters.  While I’m not papercrafting and scrapbooking as much as I used to I am finding vinyl a new life for this crafting machine in cutting out vinyl.


I had anticipated using a 2 1/2 inch letter on the front, but when I printed it wasn’t proportioned quite right.  I increased the size on the cricket to 4 and cut again to have my desired size of the letter “R”.   As you can see- while it was noted at a size 4 on the cricut, the actual size was closer to the 2 1/2 inches I was looking for.  I used the Jasmine font for this letter.


They vinyl is self stick so I was able to just eye-ball the center vertically and horizontally and stick it to the basket.  Now to fill the basket!  Every year after the holiday season I haunt the aisles of Target watching and waiting for the prices to drop from 50% to 75% to 90%.  If there are things I love I pick them up at 50%. For things I need, but don’t necessarily love like small gifts I wait until holiday items drop to 75% then I stock up on holiday hand towels, and soap and other trinkets that could be great stocking stuffers or paired with a homemade treat.  I wait for 90% off to pick up fun decorative items like tissue paper, wrapping paper, paper bags and small ornaments that I can decorate packages with like the snowflake below.


I found this package of two ornaments for probably twenty cents when the holiday clearance hit 90% off.  The plastic bag is one that was gifted to me that I was able to reuse. Inside the bag is tucked a ziplock bag of puppy chow– one of my favorite snacks from this time of the year and a simple and easy holiday treat that doesn’t require baking.  Behind the bag of puppy chow are two holiday hand towels purchased on clearance last year and a toy also purchased in the Target clearance aisle.


Hopefully the basket can be used for cards and other things for years to come!  I hope the neighbors like it!


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