Wine Gift Bag

20 Dec

This is a quick way to dress up that host gift you bring along for the holidays (or any time of year).  It is also a great way to use of some scraps of fabric you have lying around.  You’ll need one piece of fabric 20 x 12 inches.  I’ve found cotton works well and there are so many options to get you into the festive holiday spirit.  No fabric lying about? Visit the salvage bins at your craft stores.  You can typically find fabric here for 50 to 75% off.  You’ll also need a piece of ribbon 30 inches long.  I keep some spools of the narrow $1.00 ribbon lying about for projects like this one.

Fold the piece of fabric in half the long direction- right sides facing in towards each other. Fold the piece of ribbon in half. Measure 13 inches from one end along the two edged side.  At the thirteen inch mark, pin the ribbon inside the fabric so that all but the fold of theribbon istucked inside between the two pieces of fabric.


Pin the two pieces together along the edge where the two sides of fabric meet.  Sew along this edge making sure that you only sew across the ribbon at the 13 inch mark where the ribbon is folded. When you have completed this side seam, fold the fabric on the end closest to the ribbon down four inches. Sew along the seam once more where the fabric is doubled over.


Now open the sleeve and refold the fabric so that it is inside out one portion of the sleeve and right side side out for the four inches you resewed.  You should be able to see two ribbons loose within the sleeve as well.


Turn the sleeve  and refold it so that the seam faces you and  runs right down the middle.  On the opposite end of the sleeve that the ribbon is closest to,  fold in the fabric to the center approximately one inch on each side and pin.


Sew across the folds (being careful to not stitch across the ribbons inside)


Now invert the sleeve and the bottom of your wine gift bag should like this below.


Simply add your favorite bottle of wine, champagne or liter of beer and you have a lovely hostess gift!


As you can see we are ready for Christmas at this house!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Solstice and Happy Hanukkah to others of you in this holiday season.


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