On my needles…

15 Jan

Here’s what’s on my knitting needles these days.


It’s a herringbone patterned cowl. The free pattern is available at The Purl Bee.

I think this is such a pretty stitch, and this is probably the most luxurious yarn I’ve knitted to date.    It’s Baby Alpaca and it is SOOOO SOFT!

Ok, I have to admit that this has been on this set of knitting needles for a long time – We’re probably pushing 10 months (most of which, lying dormant)…so this is my attempt to revive and finish this project so I can enjoy it’s super soft herringbone goodness before winter’s end.

Accountability statement: I will finish the herringbone project before this baby is born. (Yikes, I also need to get some knitting done for this baby!)  I can do it! That’s what statements on the internet can do for a person.

What’s everyone working on? Or reviving?


One Response to “On my needles…”


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    […] and I still haven’t forgotten about my unfinished herringbone cowl – I have a pact to work on it between my baby knit projects! Knowing me, I’ll probably […]

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