Kubb Messenger Bag

22 Mar

Remember this post last fall about the Kubb set?  Not long after, I set about making a bag for the Kubb set.  I sewed, I took pictures, and then I needed Velcro. This project has been sitting in my sewing room waiting for Velcro  for months, but I finished this in five minutes the other morning.


To figure out the sizing of the bag I did a little measuring of my Kubb pieces to figure out how big I wanted the bag to be.  This might look like scribbling to you, but it helped me cut my pieces.

  • One piece 22″ by 10″ for the bottom
  • Two pieces 10″ by 16″ for the sides
  • One pieces 22″ by 16″ for the front
  • One piece 22″ by 29″ for the back, and flap
  • One piece 4″ by 40″ for the handle

IMG_0047While wondering around the suburbs of Eagan my friend Johnna and I stumbled up on a garage sale with yards and yards of  upholstery for sale- many of it in smaller pieces in bags for $1 and other larger pieces for $1 or $2 per yard.   Most of these came from those big bags for $1!  First I laid out the pieces to know how they would go together with right sides facing in. I began by pinning them, then sewing together the back, bottom and front pieces. To reinforce the seams I sewed a tight zig-zag stitch.


I then carefully pinned the sides into the front, bottom, and back piece as seen above.

IMG_0050This is what the corners looked like when it was sewn together.


This is what it looked like right side out.  I had nice square corners that the Kubb pieces would fit into nicely.

IMG_0053This is the bag sewn together before I turned the edges over.  Because this will be used for yard games I wasn’t too worried about having the most perfect edges. I turned them over once along all the edges not yet hemmed- if you wanted a cleaner edge you could line this bag or double turn the edges so the rough edge was no longer visible.

IMG_0055Now to create the shoulder strap.  I opted for one long strap that could go over the shoulder or across the body. Taking the long piece of fabric, I folded it in half lengthwise with the right side facing in.  I then pinned the long two edges together and stitched them together with a straight seam. To flip the fabric rights side out, I used a scissor as seen above to push the fabric back through onto itself.

IMG_0056When this was complete I turned in the fabric on the other end of fabric that was left opened and stitched across the end.

IMG_8908 I tacked both ends on the inside of the bag and reinforced it by sewing across the end several times. If you look closely you can see this above.

IMG_8906For the last step I added a piece of velcro.  I first sewed the velcro onto the top flap, then filled the bag and measured to see where the second piece should appear. I pinned it in place, emptied the bag and sewed a small square to keep it in place.


I had an extra piece of fabric I quickly sewed into a bag to hold the dowel throwing pieces. This way they wouldn’t easily fall out of the bag.

IMG_8905Here is a close up of the bag.


Here is the full view of our new Kubb bag. I think it will transport easily to parks, camping excursions or in and out of the garage for a backyard game of Kubb. I plan on making a few more to fit the Kubb sets we have already gifted others!

Happy Friday everyone!


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