Baby Shower Decor

28 Mar

Here in Minnesota we are all clamoring for Spring.  I decided to bring Spring indoors as the decor for Gina’s baby shower this past weekend.

My inspiration started from this photo I found on Pinterest a month or two ago.

I gathered up the tissue paper I had on hand and grabbed a few more multicolored packs at Dollar Tree.  I folded the piece of tissue paper in half the long way to double the thickness, then I accordion folded it the entire length of this paper. As you can see below I had some help.IMG_8916

You will also need the smaller sized “fans” which is what is pictured above.  To make these we cut the tissue paper in half the long way.  I then folded it again in half again to double the thickness the long way and accordion folded all the way down the paper.   When I had each piece folded I taped a piece of scotch tape around the end of the folds, creating a fan.

IMG_8914I then took a needle and some simple white thread and stitched through the center of the taped area on each of the larger fans.  I think fishing line could work well for this as well. While I only used one string I might recommend two strings be stitched through each fan a quarter to half inch apart.  This will allow for additional stability as you separate the fans and make it less likely for the fans to slide on their own.

Now to attach the smaller fans to the larger fans.  Double-sided tape would work well for this. I used small scrap booking squares that have adhesive on both sides. I placed a small square of double-sided adhesive on the top and bottom of each side of the small fan.  I then inverted the fan so that it “fanned” the opposite direction as the larger sized fan.  I fastened one between two large fans.

IMG_8918This is what the entire length of my banner looked like before it was hung in the room. As I stitched through each fan, I left the spool of thread going so I knew I would have plenty of thread for whatever length this ended up.


Here it is hung and ready for the party!  We fastened it to the walls with packing tape. It took three of us to get this up on the walls although two could have handled it had we prepped the tape before hand.  It is made with tissue paper so it is a bit delicate and takes some care to hang.  The good news is when the party was done I carefully removed the banner and folded it back up to be packed away for another party in the future. You can hardly tell it was even used!


Along with the bright banner I added some table cloths made from clearance gingham fabric I bought a few years ago in preparation for another baby shower.  I’ve used them for three or four other showers along the way and they still look bright and welcoming- especially on this cold winter spring day!

IMG_8921At Trader Joes I picked up some bright spring blooms of tulips and daffodils to add a little life to the party for less than $10.  Silverware were rolled into new cloth napkins I had onhand (purchased for less than $1 a piece at my local Salvation Army that has Target samples) and tied with florist ribbon I picked up at a garage sale years ago.


Also bringing a bit of spring fun to the tables were the party favors.  I found these fun patterned gardening gloves at our local Dollar Tree for $1 each and paired them with a packet of seeds that were 4 for a $1 also at the Dollar Tree.


Last summer I bought a pack of 20+ of these favor boxes for $1 at a garage sale knowing they would make a great favor for a party.  They were originally intended for a wedding favor with a wax seal and white ribbon, but I knew they could be re-purposed into something much more fun with a little bit of color.  I think when paired together these inexpensive favors (approximately $1.35 each) looked much more expensive and polished and were a great take-away for the guests who came to celebrate Gina and the new life she is growing!


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