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She’s here!

16 Apr

Quinn Marian arrived on April 9, 2013!

Here is a sneak peak at some newborn pictures featuring the sweater, hat and booties I featured in previous posts!IMG_0132IMG_0090IMG_0136

With those long fingers, she just might be a concert pianist…and most definitely a knitter. 😉  We are so very happy and blessed!


Hat and Booties

9 Apr

I finished knitting the hat and booties I had planned to go with the Wrap Sweater I posted about a few weeks ago.  Just in time with less than a week until my due date!

I found both patterns in Natural Nursery Knits by Erika Knight, the same designer of the wrap sweater, and knit them with Baby Ull yarn. Here is the finished result:


And a preview of the complete outfit:


I’m ready whenever you are, baby!

DIY Rosette Headband

2 Apr

Some of the items on my baby prep to-do list includes some cute accessories to have on hand for those early newborn pictures.  I decided I should try my hand at creating a cute little “I’m a girl” headband for her to wear.  While unpacking and putting away some baby gifts this weekend, there were a few things that caught my eye that I figured I could re-purpose into some rosettes for a headband.  I gathered them up along with some other items I had in my stash:  Cute ribbon from sweetly wrapped packages, some left over fabric from projects past, and the fabric pouch that a crib sheet was packaged in.


To make the rosettes, I cut the fabric into about 1 -2 inch wide strips.  Next I cut out a circle from some left over felt to use as a base to the flower. I took my glue gun and added a dab of glue in the middle of the felt circle, and adhered the corner of the fabric to the center.   I let it sit for about a minute for the glue to harden everything into place.


I then twisted the fabric, and started to wind it around the center, using my glue gun to glue the fabric down every inch or two as I wrapped it around and around.


Once complete, I trimmed away the felt base from the edges.


I created several different rosettes using this same method. You can see that the different materials created slightly different looks, and I also played around with how tight or loosely I twisted the fabric or ribbon.


I also hunted through my jewelry box to see if there were any old earrings or accessories that I could use for embellishing a rose or two.  I came across the hair pins that I wore for my wedding, and thought it would be fun to incorporate one of them into one of the flowers.  The gem was attached to the hair pin with some wires, so I simply clipped and unwound the wire to remove the gem, and then glued it into one of the rosettes.


To create the headband, I picked up some elastic at JoAnn Fabric. They were a knit texture with a sort of lace pattern that was softer than the other elastics, so I thought it would be nice and soft for a baby’s head.


I had used a tutorial I found on Pinterest to create the headband at It referenced this headband measurement guide:

Newborn (13 1/4″)
3-6 Months (14 1/2″)
6-12 Months (16″)
12 Months-Teen (17 1/2″)
Adult (18″)

So I measured out 13-1/4″ of the elastic for a newborn size band, and glued the ends into place on the back of one of the rosettes.


The tutorial recommended a 1/4″ overlap.


Once the band was in place, I cut another circle of felt to glue a final base on the back of the flower.


I made three different versions with the rosettes I made:


After I had finished them up, I came across an orphaned earring and did one more add to the grey polka dot headband.  Can’t wait to see how they look on our baby girl’s head!


Breastfeeding Cover

28 Feb

I’m always on the hunt for fun projects to make for gifts for friends and family.  A week or two ago I saw this breastfeeding cover on the blog Freshly Picked and thought it would be fun to try.

I followed the directions step-by-step and it really was quite simple to make. I skipped the pocket and the terry cloth figuring most moms will use a burp cloth to wipe up spit-up or milk vs. the cover.


It was hard to get a sense of what it looked like hanging on the wall, but Fred and my stuffed animal friend Froggy stepped in to play the role of mom and baby for me for this photo!IMG_1314

How I love my fiance who is man enough to pretend to be a woman nursing a baby all so his fiance can snag a photo for her blog!


Although I think he might have said yes to this photo just to brag to Gina’s husband that he made the blog again. 🙂

What is it?

22 Feb

It only goes to show when you have several blogs ready you will forget to schedule them!  I was at it again last week making onesies for some friends expecting a little one. Do you know what this is? I’m curious to see if you can discern what I was attempting to create in a flannel applique on a onesie!


And just for fun I’ll show you the booty (as my niece calls it) and a clue. It’s a famous landmark where they met. Does that help?  Let me know if you figure it out (and if you needed my clue).


You can read the original post on my applique onesies here. Next week I PROMISE a new project!

Baby Wrap Sweater

19 Feb

I finally got started on some baby knits for my little bambino. Or should I say bambina? I was looking for the perfect ensemble to knit for her first pictures or possibly the coming home outfit. I borrowed a book from a friend called Simple Knits for Cherished Babies by Erika Knight, where I found this sweet little kimono style wrap sweater pattern.

The original pattern has a ribbon tie that wraps around and ties in the back. It is very sweet, but I decided that some simple buttons might be a bit easier to handle on our little peanut (buttons also make this pattern less feminine than ribbon, so this could be made for a boy or girl). I didn’t bother with button holes but added small loop holes by braiding three pieces of yarn into the edge of the sweater.


I also added a simple tie on the inside of the wrap to keep her snug as a bug.


I used Baby Ull superwash merino yarn in a smoky lavendar color and size 3 needles. This would be a great beginner garment pattern for a newer knitter – it only requires knit stitch and an increase stitch. The sweater is knit up in one piece, and then you just seam up the sides and under the arms. It is also a pretty quick knit for a garment – I was able to complete it in about 2 weeks of leisurely paced knitting.


Next up are coordinating hat and booties that I found in another book I picked up – I didn’t realize until I got home that it was the same designer – I guess I like her style!

Oh, and I still haven’t forgotten about my unfinished herringbone cowl – I have a pact to work on it between my baby knit projects! Knowing me, I’ll probably be finishing that thing up during labor. ha!

Nursery Room Art

17 Jan

Gina, another friend Krista, and I hosted a baby shower back in November (or was it October!?!) for our dear friend Debi.  She was due right before Christmas with a little one, but the gender was to be a surprise.  Debi asked us to reign in the creative minds of the “Park Girls” (the name we call ourselves-we all met our freshman year of college when D was our Resident Assistant) to create some art for the nursery.  She mentioned maps and we started pinning up a storm.  This photo on Pinterest became our inspiration. Now that her little girl Audra has made her appearance we thought it time to post about the Park Girls nursery art.

Gina found silhouettes of animals on the internet which she printed off. We cut these out and then began tracing them onto maps. Not just any maps, oh no! Gina had contacted Debi’s hubby to find out the places special to them so we made sure to have those printed off for use. We had a U.S.Road Atlas on hand as well.


Some of the animals were more complicated than others. Our friend Anne, above,  made a beautiful but complicated Dolphin using several different maps.


Gina’s hippo utilized two different maps. If you look closely you can see the North Shore of Minnesota!


We mounted each of the animals on white cardstock cut to size for some cheap IKEA frames (free to us since they were left overs from a project my mom never completed and handed over to me). We weren’t sure if Debi would like the wood look, so our offer still stands to paint them as she wishes.

Here they are all complete!


Aren’t they spectacular?  Because I can’t get enough of them I’ll give you close ups of each one we made at the shower that you haven’t seen above.












This last big guy, the elephant, was one of two that I made. I had to hold myself back from sneaking him out of the stack to find his way home with me!