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Yarn Wreath: St. Patty’s Edition

12 Mar

It’s time again to update my seasonal yarn wreath!  You can see how I originally created the wreath here.   For my March/St. Patrick’s day version, I repurposed a Shamrock Welcome Sign that I picked up on clearance for a few dollars.


I used a tin snips to clip the decorative wire that linked each letter together.


I decided to keep the decorative wire spirals in the front of each shamrock rather than leave the empty hole, so I used pliers to crimp the back of the wire down after cutting each piece.


I also removed the bow from the top ‘W’ Shamrock.  I scraped off the glue as much as I could and used some sandpaper to sand it down to a flatter finish.  I then used some of the spare wire I cut off the other pieces to glue in a wire spiral for further camouflage to the blemished area.

Once I had my Shamrock letters ready, I laid them out on the wreath, and cut some base felt pieces that would be used to hold everything together.


I used my glue gun to glue the letters to the base felt.  Once everything was glued in place, I trimmed the felt around each shamrock.


To fasten the piece in place, I used a length of yarn to weave between the letters and around the wreath, and then fastened the yarn in back, just as I  had done for my previous versions of the yarn wreath.  The first and last letters weren’t holding in place as well, so I added a piece of stick-on velcro to these two pieces.  I used the rougher side of the velcro, which naturally adhered to the yarn on my wreath.

This makes me ready for more green! I hope the snow will take the hint.


Yarn Wreath: Valentine’s Edition

29 Jan

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, so it’s time to update my seasonal yarn wreath project!  If you didn’t see them before, you can check out my Autumn and Christmas version from previous posts. I had created the neutral yarn wreath in the fall, with the intention of being able to change out a seasonal embellishment.  I decided to try out some no-sew fabric flowers this time around, so I picked up some felt sheets and fabric fat quarters in Valentine’s colors.


I based my flowers off of this online tutorial from Ruffles and Stuff.  I wanted to make my flowers pretty big to switch it up from the smaller scale decor I used in my previous versions, so I used the top of a large water tumbler as my circle guide (it’s about 4″  in diameter).  I first traced it onto the piece of card stock that was in with the fat quarter, and then used that as my pattern on the fabric. I made 8 circles for each flower.


The next step is to fold the flower in half twice, so you have a quarter of the round, and then snip off the center point.

Center snip

I cut a smaller circle (freestyle) out of some scrap felt to use as my flower base.  Then I used my trusty glue gun to glue the piece in the center.  Snipping the center point of the folded circle allows for all edges of the folded piece to glue down into place.

Glue to Base

Once I had 4 folded circles glued down, I added another layer with the remaining 4 circles of fabric.

8 circles

I found some buttons in my button stash, and glued a button down into the center.


This was pretty quick and easy, so I completed three flowers in no time.  I imagine these flowers could also be used to make a cute headband, hair clip, or sweater pin. Plus, if you have lots of fabric scraps around, this is a great way to use them up!

To finish my wreath embellishment, I thought I’d also incorporate some hearts.  I cut a simple heart out of paper and traced it onto the pink felt I had.


I placed the flowers and felt hearts onto a white felt base for the wreath, and used my glue gun to attach each piece to the base.


Once everything was glued on, I trimmed up the felt base so it was out of view.  To attach the flower piece to the wreath, I used the same method I did for the previous versions – I fastened the piece into place by weaving a piece of yarn through the flowers and around the wreath in about four different places, and tied it in the back.  This made for a very easy way to remove the other piece.  You can see this in more detail here, along with how I created the yarn wreath.

Final Wreath1

I honestly was in a bit of time crunch when I tackled this project, so I whipped this up pretty quickly – but I have to say, I think it might be my favorite one so far.  I think the light and bright colors are a nice change from the previous two seasons.  I’m looking forward to creating another bright version for spring and maybe even one for St. Patty’s Day!

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Wine Gift Bag

20 Dec

This is a quick way to dress up that host gift you bring along for the holidays (or any time of year).  It is also a great way to use of some scraps of fabric you have lying around.  You’ll need one piece of fabric 20 x 12 inches.  I’ve found cotton works well and there are so many options to get you into the festive holiday spirit.  No fabric lying about? Visit the salvage bins at your craft stores.  You can typically find fabric here for 50 to 75% off.  You’ll also need a piece of ribbon 30 inches long.  I keep some spools of the narrow $1.00 ribbon lying about for projects like this one.

Fold the piece of fabric in half the long direction- right sides facing in towards each other. Fold the piece of ribbon in half. Measure 13 inches from one end along the two edged side.  At the thirteen inch mark, pin the ribbon inside the fabric so that all but the fold of theribbon istucked inside between the two pieces of fabric.


Pin the two pieces together along the edge where the two sides of fabric meet.  Sew along this edge making sure that you only sew across the ribbon at the 13 inch mark where the ribbon is folded. When you have completed this side seam, fold the fabric on the end closest to the ribbon down four inches. Sew along the seam once more where the fabric is doubled over.


Now open the sleeve and refold the fabric so that it is inside out one portion of the sleeve and right side side out for the four inches you resewed.  You should be able to see two ribbons loose within the sleeve as well.


Turn the sleeve  and refold it so that the seam faces you and  runs right down the middle.  On the opposite end of the sleeve that the ribbon is closest to,  fold in the fabric to the center approximately one inch on each side and pin.


Sew across the folds (being careful to not stitch across the ribbons inside)


Now invert the sleeve and the bottom of your wine gift bag should like this below.


Simply add your favorite bottle of wine, champagne or liter of beer and you have a lovely hostess gift!


As you can see we are ready for Christmas at this house!

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate and Happy Solstice and Happy Hanukkah to others of you in this holiday season.

A Knitter’s Ornament

18 Dec

After spotting a cute ornament on Pinterest that looked like a ball of yarn with knitting needles, I knew I had to make my own version for friends in my knitting group for the holidays this year (and for my own tree, of course!).  Plus, this was another great way to use up some of my yarn stash.

To create the ornament, I used the following:

  • Scrap yarn
  • cheap ornament
  • wooden skewers
  • wooden beads
  • wood glue


For the ball of yarn, I wrapped the ornament with yarn until it was completely covered.  When covered, I used my yarn needle to weave in the yarn end.  I recommend using an ornament that has some texture on it, otherwise the yarn just slips off the ornament when you start trying to wrap it.


To create the mini knitting needles, I used wooden skewers and wooden beads.  I simply snapped the skewers with my hands to break them down to size, and then trimmed the end with a scissors.  I rolled the cut end of the skewer into the wood glue and then glued on the wood bead.


Here’s the finished ornament:IMG_1388

This could be that perfect gift for any knitter in your life!

Holiday Card Display

11 Dec

Are all those holiday cards piling up on your kitchen counter looking for the perfect place to be displayed?  I’ve created a very easy and inexpensive card display that has been a great addition to our holiday decor.

All you need is:

  • Ribbon, string, or yarn
  • Clothes pins, paper clips, or binder clips
  • Painters tape, poster putty, or command hooks


I display our cards on an interior door that’s located in the middle of all the action in our house. It’s the door to the stairway leading to our second floor, and it’s located in an open area between our kitchen and living room.  I hang 2 or 3 lengths of ribbon down the front of the door, and then simply clip the cards to the ribbon with small decorative clothes pins as they come in the mail.  You could also easily use some simple string or yarn instead of ribbon.

In the past, I’ve just used painter’s tape on the back of the door to secure the ribbon.  But this year, I decided to try using removable command hooks on the top part of the  back side of the door.  I started by putting the command hooks upside down, and tying the ribbon to each hook.  The ribbon then wraps around the full front of the door, and I still used some trusty painters tape to secure the bottom.



That’s it, the 2 minute card display!

Back Camera

Do you have a fun and easy way to display your cards? Please share!

Yarn Wreath: Christmas Edition

4 Dec

Back in October, I created this yarn wreath with a removable autumn flower embellishment.  My intention was to be able to change it up for different seasons, so I decided to tackle a Christmas version.  Like the autumn version, I used felt to create flowers, but this time a poinsettia  flower.  I had some red scraps from the autumn project, and also picked up some additional red and green felt to complete the project.

To craft the poinsettias, I cut the felt into long strips of varying sizes, and  cut the strips down to rectangles.  I then trimmed one side of the rectangle to make a petal shape.


Using a needle and thread, I did a simple stitch across the bottom of 5 petals lined up in a row. 


To cinch the petals into a flower, I stitched back through the first petal and pulled the thread tight. 


This created a sweet five petal flower with some nice dimension.  To secure the flower, I stitched again through the center of the petals and then knotted the thread.


Like the autumn wreath, I cut a base section of felt  and started glueing the poinsettias into place.


I also cut some green leaves and glued them into place to accent the flowers.  


To attach the flower piece to the wreath, I used the same method I did for the autumn wreath – I fastened the piece into place by weaving a piece of yarn through the flowers and around the wreath in about four different places, and tied it in the back.  This made for a very easy way to remove the other piece.  You can see this in more detail here, along with how I created the yarn wreath.  Other options could be to add snaps or velcro.

Here is the completed Christmas wreath.


Snowflake Washcloth

29 Nov

For over a year I’ve had a ball of lime green cotton “Sugar ‘n Cream” yarn in my crochet bag.  This weekend I finally made use of it.  After searching online for a free pattern I stumbled upon this one, called the Cream Circle, but I think it looks like a bit like a snowflake of sorts when complete. (You will have to join Lion Brand Yarns site to be able to view this, but it is a free membership). This is designated an Easy Plus pattern and I would agree although somewhere around my third or fourth ripping out of stitches on Friday I might have disagreed with you. 🙂 ALWAYS keep a reference guide for crochet abbreviations handy.  When I went searching for my problem I discovered instead of stitching a new round in the space between stitches I had been stitching in the stitch itself.  Big Difference!  With that modification the remainder of the snowflake came together quickly. Here is the final project.  I think this project could be completed in well under an hour.

I think you could probably make three washcloths with one ball of yarn. At $1.99 regular price at Michaels (4 for $6.00 this week!) it makes a fairly inexpensive holiday gift.  To note- this pattern called for nine rounds, but I cut it back to six rounds plus the scalloped edge as I thought it was big enough and I don’t like unwieldy washcloths.

Don’t they look bright and festive on the fresh snow that covered the ground this past holiday weekend in Duluth?  They would be a perfect stocking stuffer when paired with a handmade soap or even some lovely smelling handsoap.

Christmas Sweater

27 Nov

If you’re looking for a quick hand-knit gift idea for the holiday season, check out this sweet little sweater ornament:

It’s s a great way to use up some scrap yarn – and you can use any weight yarn you want – it will just size the ornament up or down based on the weight.  It’s also easy to add stripes, ribbing, turtle neck, etc!

I used crafting wire to make the hanger. I’ve also shaped one out of a paper clip when I didn’t have anything else, but recommend crafting wire for the ease of use and a cleaner look.  I dare you to make one for someone else, and not want one for your own tree!

This free Pattern by Cheryl Niamath can be found on Ravelry:

And here are some other great free ornament patterns I’ve found on Ravelry (click on the image to take you there):


Anniversary Ornament

16 Nov

I know, I know, posting holiday ornaments in the middle of November doesn’t seem quite right, but this is actually a Happy Anniversary Ornament!  My dear friend J married B a year ago.  Their first anniversary was just last week so this is a Happy Anniversary gift for them.  I’ve had their wedding invitation hanging around for a while knowing I wanted to do something for them with it. This example of an ornament I found on pinterest had me digging in my craft supplies for the glass bulbs I knew I still had from a failed ornament project of long ago!

Joayne and Ben’s invites were a bright burst of color.

I pulled them apart and cut out their names, wedding location and other important details that were all included in the wedding invite.  I then cut the paper into pieces that would easily fit into the clear glass globe I had left over from another project. I was using card stock which wouldn’t curl easily like the Pinterest example above, so I left it in straight small pieces.

I soon realized that the pieces of color were too big and weren’t highlighting the special words I cut out of their invitation to show.  So I cut the colored pieces into confetti.

And this seemed to do the trick. Here is the final product. Happy Anniversary J & B!