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Debi’s Baby Shower

22 Jan

Since we hand crafted a few pieces of the baby shower I thought we could share that with you as well. Here is radiant mama-to-be Debi sitting below another round of pennants I made for this baby shower.  In last minute haste I crafted this one with scraps of extra fabric, paper and a marker. It shows a matching pennant with the simple words printed “congratulations.”


Gina picked up a bundle of fresh flowers and had them so lovingly decorated around her house.  Here you can see them with the cds Krista, our other co-host, put together. We requested that each of the Park Girls suggest their favorite children’s song or lullabye. We made cds of each song.  Fred, the microsoft word wizard used an image from a t-shirt we had made WAY back in college for the front of our Park Girls Lullabies cd. Cute, huh?


Gina had more flowers in  the kitchen where first feasted on a delicious taco bar and then wandered over towards dessert.


You can see in the background some great pinwheels that Gina made with paper and scraps of fabric I had leftover from the pennants. The pinwheels also hid the pennant ends in the living room where we hung them with blue painters tape!

The dessert you see above is this amazing pumpkin fluff with gingersnaps and graham crackers to dip!

IMG_0763I was definitely feeling fall. In addition to pumpkin fluff I made this Sticky Toffee Pudding Cake. Along with the cheery mints, I think this looked quite festive!

Now that Gina is expecting it is good to review this as we plan to throw her a shower in a few short months! Do you have any favorite baby shower activities or foods you like to serve?