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Corralling My Electronic Devices

7 Mar

Do any of you have a mess of cords somewhere in your home that you JUST CAN”T STAND?!  A few years ago I found a solution to a mess of cords that included the cable connection for television and Internet and a mess of chargers for phones and other devices that kept finding their way to this corner next to the armoire that I keep my television in.  Unfortunately, the cable cords weren’t long enough to reach to the armoire so I couldn’t hide it inside. In addition they sat in front of the heat vent where dust bunnies seemed to congregate on my wood floors and add to my frustration every time I swept the floor.

Enter this wicker chest I found at a garage sale one day.  I think I paid $5 for it.


I gave it 2 to 3 coats of spraypaint win this orange rust color.  Then I got out my utility knife and a very sharp scissors and cut a whole on the back.


I knew that I cut could away a section of the wicker to allow the cords in and out.  Here is a photo of what the inside looks like.

IMG_8826It keeps this mess of chargers and electronic devices hidden away.  Now I simply sweep under it and around it to keep the dust bunnies at bay!

IMG_8824Here is the full wicker container with the flip-top cover. While we keep the cover closed it is easy access to the electronics hidden inside.

What ingenious ways have you found for hiding away electrical cords?